Frequently Asked Questions

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The following frequently asked questions are provided to help you better understand the Talent Up program.

1. What are the eligibility criteria to be in the program?

  • 18 years or older
  • Eligible to work in the U.S
  • Primary residence in Fairfax County, excluding residents in the City of Fairfax and the City of Falls Church
  • Demonstrated COVID related employment challenge

2. Who can be in the program?

  • Anyone who lives in Fairfax County and meets program eligibility criteria.

3. What about job seekers who live outside Fairfax County?

  • Job seekers and employers residing outside Fairfax County are not eligible to participate in Talent Up Fairfax. Although, we will refer customers and employers to other SkillSource programs that do not have location restrictions.

4. What does it mean to have a demonstrated COVID related employment challenge?

  • COVID-related employment challenge means that during the pandemic you either lost your job; your work hours or pay were decreased; you had to leave your employment for reasons relating to COVID; or you were unable to find employment due to the pandemic.

5. What documents do I need to provide to determine eligibility?

  • ID
  • SS card
  • Resume
  • Unemployment letter
  • Termination/job change letters.
  • Government assistance document

6. What happens after I turn in all my documentation?

  • You will be directed to open positions within the Talent Up program and encouraged to apply to positions meeting your skill qualifications. Talent Up will refer your resume to the employer and advocate on your behalf for consideration.

7. How will I know what jobs are available?

  • You will be directed to all open positions within the Talent Up program by logging into Market Grabber, an online job board. Click Jobs to view available openings.

8. Can you guarantee that I will get a job?

  • Employers in the Talent Up Fairfax program will make selections for their open positions based on the best candidate for the position. If you are enrolled in the Talent Up Fairfax program, jobs are not guaranteed, however, we will collaborate with you through this program to get your resume seen by the employers in the program. We will also assist with helping you find employment through other programs offered through Virginia Career Works and the SkillSource Group.

9. Does the Talent Up Fairfax program provide job training?

  • The Talent Up program will provide job training services to the selected interns in the program. In addition, the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA) also offers integrated and comprehensive range of services consisting of workforce development activities benefiting job seekers. Visit for information on how to receive job training assistance through WIOA.

10. How will the Talent Up Fairfax program help me to find a job?

  • The Talent Up team will connect Fairfax County job seekers to Fairfax County employers ready to hire. We are the bridge that will connect job seekers to their next career path.

11. What are other resources you can offer a job seeker who needs a job now?

  • The Virginia Career Works Northern region can help you obtain occupational training, employment opportunities, and certification attainment for your career.

12. What happens after I apply for the Talent Up Fairfax program?

  • Once you apply, a Talent Up Job Developer will contact you to set up an interview to review your application and collect all eligibility documentation.

13. How long is the process to determine job seeker eligibility for the program?

  • The processing times may vary depending on customers submitting documents in a timely manner and the Job Developer review.

14. If I am an employer, how do I apply?

  • Complete the Talent Up Fairfax Interest Form and you will be contacted by the Business Engagement Manager.

15. If I am a job seeker, how do I apply?

16. When does this program end?

  • Talent Up Fairfax is an American Rescue Plan Act funded program that will end December 31, 2024.

17. If I hire an intern into my company, is it expected that I will transition that intern into a permanent hire?

  • The goal for this program is to place an intern in a company to fill an open position. After a favorable 12-week work experience within that company, we would like to see the intern transition to a permanent position within the company.

18. Is the intern an employee of my company or of the SkillSource Group?

  • The intern will be a temporary employee of the SkillSource Group. If the company hires the intern after the work experience, the intern will then become an employee of the company.

19. If I hire the intern for a full-time position, can they be a 1099 employee?

  • Once the intern is hired by a company, the intern would then become a permanent employee of the company and would be subject to the pay and/or tax structure of that company.

20. What if I cannot produce documents that demonstrate I was impacted by COVID?

  • During the interview process, the Job Developer will help to identify other sources of verification to determine your eligibility for the program.

21. Can I participate as an intern in the Talent Up Fairfax program more than once?

  • If a job seeker participates in a Talent Up internship, however, is not hired by the company, the intern may have an opportunity to participate in another internship experience if selected by another company.

22. If I am a college student, can I apply for the program?

  • Yes, you are welcome to apply if you are 18 or older and seeking permanent employment.
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